Shades in Modern Home

For a more modern decor, shades are often the best away to achieve your desired look. Shades are both functional and stylish. See the photos below for some options custom designed and installed by the Rosen Interiors team. They made the perfect accents in this modern home.

All photography by Caroline Laye.

Custom Upholstered Chair Cushion

When your furniture has good bones, it can last through every style and decor change. Invest in furniture you love, rather than putting these works of art out with the trash when you’re ready to move onto a new look. With custom reupholstery, we can help you bring new life to your favorite pieces and achieve your decor goals.

See below for before and after photos of a reupholstered chair cushion. Check out our portfolio for more project photos.

Recent Projects

We’ve been keeping busy here at Rosen Interiors! In this post, we’d like to share images of two custom projects we’ve completed for clients recently. The first photo is a flat roman shade in a beautiful, bright pattern with roll ease control. The second photo is an eye catching reupholstered loveseat.

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Stage Drapes in School Auditorium

Did you know that we also help with commercial window treatments? Below are photos of custom stage drapes and theater curtains installed in the auditorium of a Mastery Charter School. The rich blue color really complements the existing decor of the room and also shows off the theater’s school spirit!

As you can see in the photos, the stage lights can affect the color of the curtains. Be sure to visit our Portfolio page to see more jobs like this one.

Old Style with a New Look

upholstered chairThere’s no rule that says older styled furniture can’t be paired with modern upholstery. Recently, we had a client daring enough to do just that and the outcome was beautiful. See a photo of this piece to the right. Click on it for a closer look.

If you’ve already invested in quality furniture that you love, there is no need to go through the stress of replacing it once the wear and tear begins to show. Instead, reupholster the piece with new fabric. You’ll give it new life without ever leaving your home.

For more on our furniture reupholstery services, visit our page. There, you can find a photo gallery of our work and even schedule your own free consultation.

Chic Reupholstered Chair

This elegant chair only needed some reupholstering to bring it back to its former glory. Your furniture is an investment, and reupholstering allows you to keep that investment for generations. Additionally, you’re doing the environment a favor by keeping these cherished items out of the landfills.

See below for photos, and find more on our portfolio page.

Chairs with True Flare

Sitting areas often call for uncommon, conversation-starting pieces. This was exactly the case when upholstering the custom chairs featured below. Not only do the chosen patterns tie in perfectly with the room’s decor, but the coordinating pieces are even unique from one another. The possibilities are endless in custom upholstering, and we believe every client should receive the furniture of their dreams.

Be sure to visit our portfolio for more photos of our work.

Commercial Window Treatments

In addition to residential clients, we often provide businesses with custom window treatments. Recently, the Rosen Interiors team crafted and installed custom window panels for a company located in an old mansion.

Browse a photo gallery of this job below, or visit our custom window treatments page for additional projects.

Upholstered Chair with Unique Pattern

One of the great benefits we can offer our clients is access to thousands of designer quality fabrics. When clients have a specific image in mind, we’re able to create the exact custom look they’re aiming for. Our in-home consultations allow us to better understand clients’ personal styles and help them choose the best options to suit the existing decor.

Below, you’ll find photos of a recent project completed by the Rosen team. We crafted this custom reupholstered armchair with a geometric patterns. This piece brings a lot of personality into the room while maintaining a cohesive design.

Find more photos on our Custom Upholstery page.

Custom Bench Cushion

We’re often contacted to create custom bench cushions for our clients, like the one pictured below. Benches sometimes require a little revamping just like other pieces of furniture. At Rosen Interiors, we’ll help you choose the right fabric from the thousands we have available. Our experienced team will bring new life to your furniture so that you can keep using your favorite pieces for years to come — even if your home decor changes.

See below for close-up images of a recent custom bench cushion project. Not only does the cushion fit flawlessly, but the color and design of the fabric create a beautiful focal point for this entryway.  Learn more about our custom services on our Products page.