Reupholstering a Fan Chair

This homeowner in Doylestown had an antique fan chair with a solid frame and cushions, but a pattern in need of an update.

We went with a modern imperial pattern. For an extra chic detail, we created a two-toned look with gold fabric on the back of the chair.

Here’s what our client had to say about the project:

We are thrilled with the work Rosen Interiors did! The attention to detail and the level of expertise is remarkable!!

Unique Custom Nook

Custom nooks are a specialty at Rosen Interiors. We really love how they add a charming touch to the homes where we install them. Each one is a little different, so they’re unique. But they’re traditional fixtures, making them classic at the same time.

Most recently, we completed the one you see below. This homeowner chose a dark finish for the wooden seats that contrasts with the custom cushions, which are done in a lighter red and cream pattern.

Check out some of our similar projects, including this custom dining bench and this window seat.

Two Recent Valance Projects

We’re excited to share these two photos from two of our recent custom valance jobs. Both of the valances are done in elegant patterns, adding a touch of personality to the rooms.

Light attracts the eye, so your window will always be noticed. Without a window treatment, the hard edges can look cold and industrial in your home.

Many of our customers enjoy the process of choosing a window treatment because it’s a great chance to get creative and choose a pattern that reflects your personality.

A Custom Set of Yellow Pinch-Pleated Drapes

Choosing drapes for your home is an opportunity to be creative. Will you choose a contrasting color for a vibrant burst, or perhaps one that matches your wall color for a more subdued look?

Then, there are the drapes themselves. You could install valances, swags, or choose from a long list of different styles of pleating.

This client chose a set of pinch pleated drapes in a soft yellow to match their walls. The sleek folds create leading lines that guide the eye and make the ceiling appear higher. The drapes hang from several inches above the window, which has a high, deep sill. This fresh approach to proportion adds visual interest to the room.

Yellow Pinch-pleated drapes

Reupholstering an Antique Loveseat

Most antique furniture is built to last, but the fabric can get damaged or look tired.

The good news is that most antique furniture can be reupholstered. New upholstery on your sofa gives it an instant update, and it’s a chance to play with the color, pattern, and texture. Take a look at the results of this loveseat. The original upholstery was stained and looked dull, but we reupholstered it in a fresh shade of blue.

Installing New Stage Drapes at a Local High School

One type of project we really enjoy is hanging auditorium drapes. These types of curtains are challenging to hang, with their complex systems with pullies and fly rails. However, it’s a challenge that we enjoy!

The drapes we use offer an advantage over other types. While many auditorium drapes need to be taken down every 5 years and retreated with a flame retardant, ours are inherently flame resistant, so they don’t require that type of maintenance.

Visit our auditorium drapes page to learn more about our services.

Restoring an Antique Chair to its Original Beauty

Modern furniture is not often made to last the way antique furniture is. If you have an antique piece that looks worn out, chances are it can be revived. Sometimes, it takes a special eye to see past the wear and to the beauty of a classic piece.

In most cases, restoring something old will allow you to enjoy that item for years to come. Not only will you end up with a higher quality piece, but you will also be helping to conserve natural resources. Recently, we had the chance to do just that with this antique chair.

We think the finished product turned out very nicely.

Reupholstered antique chair

Reupholstering a Bergère Chair

This Bergère chair was looking tired and worn out. The fabric covering the seat cushion was so worn that it had a large hole in it and was significantly frayed. It seemed like the chair was destined for the landfill, which is a shame because, despite the tired fabric, it’s a beautiful piece.

Fortunately, we were able to replace the fabric with new one in a similar color scheme with a demask print.

Custom Window Valances

In a dining room, you aren’t necessarily concerned with privacy. However, a window treatment can sofen the look of your windows while adding some personality to your space.

We love how these custom valances turned out.  The pattern adds a touch of interest to the windows, which let plenty of natural light into the dining room. Window treatments provide a tasteful way to show off your personal style in your space.

Custom Upholstered Chair and Sofa

These homeowners chose an elegant pattern for their loveseat. The pale yellow and royal blue create a perfect complement to the living room, and the throw pillows and chair pull out the rich blue from the pattern.

Fabric comes in infinite styles, patterns, and colors. Updating your furniture with the pattern of your choice can change the whole look of your living room and help your home to feel more like you.custom sofa, throw pillows, and chair