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Rosen Interiors is located in the Philadelphia region, though we come to you for all stage decorating needs. We’ll perform a complimentary on-site consultation. There, we will assess your design and functionality needs in a stage drape.

As theater curtains age, they get damaged and can start to look dated and worn. At Rosen Interiors, we are able to replace tired drapes with quality custom theater curtains that are built to last.

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Installing Stage Drapes in the Philadelphia Area

Stage drapes can be a hassle to take care of. To keep them compliant with safety codes, most theater drapes need to be removed every 5 years, retreated with flame retardant, and then hung back up. At Rosen Interiors, all of our drapes are inherently flame resistant, so they don’t require this level of maintenance.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality fabrics in addition to years of experience and a wealth of expertise. Our team can help with the perfect and most practical drapes install for all of your needs.

Handling Each Step, From Start to Finish

Our initial consultation is done on-site, where we will measure the stage, discuss styles and fabrics, and present you with a variety of options that we believe will work best for your productions. This consultation is performed at no cost to you.

We have experience installing stage drapes in schools, churches, and other public spaces throughout the area.